We help people lead active and extraordinary lives through cannabis cultivation practices and strain development. Cherry believes in better living through plant technology. And this is as much about the mind as it is about the body. We believe plants can tune mind and body for relief, performance and an enhanced life experience.

Anthony Scotti - Cherry Founding Partner

Anthony Scotti

Founding Partner

Cherry Founding Partner Anthony Scotti is a native New Yorker, who moved to Colorado with the dream of starting a cannabis company. An entrepreneur with a background in sales and the health and fitness industry, Anthony experienced the benefits of the cannabis plant firsthand while training and recovering for competition. It wasn’t long before he connected with plant talker and geneticist Jason MacLean, now Cherry’s Lead Horticulturist, when the seeds took root to create Cherry. Anthony started as a grower, working his way through the many different stages of cultivating and producing high quality cannabis products for wellness, recreation, beauty and pets. With knowledge of the plant as his foundation, Anthony immersed himself in the intricacies of the cannabis business, community and lifestyle to become the face of the Cherry brand. Anthony is passionate about growing Cherry, and continues to focus on the high quality product the company has built its reputation on in the Colorado market.

Zack Venokur - Cherry Account Manager

Zack Venokur

Account Manager

Over the past decade, Zack Venokur has cultivated a sharp and discerning palate for cannabis. With his specialized skill set, Zack determines which Cherry strains have desirable full palates, the greatest bag appeal and most pleasing smells. He also plays a hands-on role in the grow with Cherry’s QC. His kinship with terpenes ensures the brand goes to market with the exotic strains and fragrant aromas it is renowned for. Zack’s relationship with cannabis began in his early 20s in his native South Florida when he was a personal trainer and tried cannabis to alleviate some joint issues. He never looked back. He moved to Colorado in 2015 for the cannabis industry, the four seasons and the outdoor lifestyle, and quickly became the top-selling budtender at a Denver dispensary. He joined Cherry in 2017 as Account Manager and has worked hard to deliver premium customer service to all the state’s major dispensaries. When he’s not working, Zack can be found fishing, playing hockey, hiking, camping or up to all sorts of adventures.

Lauri Aloi - Cherry Communications & PR

Lauri Aloi

Communications + PR

Lauri Aloi is Cherry’s Head of Communications and PR. She brings versatile experience as a Publicist for brands in advertising, entertainment and tech, including VR. Lauri has also worked with startups in intimate wellness and cannabis, and has developed programs for C-Suite execs across diverse businesses. She is a connector first and foremost, and is sought out for her ability to write and collaborate in emerging industries and business culture. Lauri started out as a journalist for consumer publications such as Detour Magazine and Syracuse Herald-Journal. She segued into talent management as a music producer and artists rep, then worked for over a decade as a commercial production executive with globally renowned production companies. She is a lifelong fitness buff - often seen on the trails with her GSD - and turned to cannabis for pain management and self care.